E-SITE Service Areas

Task Area 1: Enterprise Activities and Services

Services include: IT Service Management; Enterprise Architecture Definition,Documentation, and Planning; Technology Assessment and Evaluation; Systems/ Read more..
Infrastructure Engineering; Independent Testing and Verification; Project Management and Planning; Logistical Support and Inventory Management; Asset and Configuration Management; and Technical Writing and Documentation Support. Close.

Task Area 2: Customer, Work Center and Field Support Services

Services include: Customer Outreach and Relationship Management; Customer Mission Engagement and Operations Planning; Read more..
Customer Education and Training; Customer IT Infrastructure Installation, Fit Outs, and Decommissioning; Service Desk; and Desk Side Support. Close.

Task Area 3: Mission and Business Applications, Tools, Portals and Web Services

Services include: Software Engineering, Development and Integration; Mission and Business Application and Tool Development, Read more..
Integration, Maintenance and Management; Web and Portal Systems Development, Integration,Maintenance and Management; Knowledge and Content Management;Development and Test Environment;and Life Cycle Software License Management and Control. Close.

Task Area 4: Enterprise Computing, Storage, Shared and Field Services

Services include: Server and Workstation Baseline Creation; Standardization, Deployment, and Patch Management; Read more..
Enterprise Hardware Maintenance and Repair; Field Service Support; Server Administration and Management; Storage Administration and Management; Data Services, Data Administration, and Database Management; Mission and Business Systems Services, Administration, and Management; Enterprise Shared Application and Infrastructure Services, Administration, and Management; Enterprise Operations;Event Monitoring and Management; Performance Monitoring, and Analysis;Enterprise Infrastructure Maintenance and Repair; Service Delivery Center, Data Center, and Equipment Room IT Management;Enterprise Data Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR), and Continuity of Operations (COOP) Operations and Support. Close.

Task Area 5: Network and Communications Services

Services include: Unified Communications Support; Cable/Fiber Installing,Testing, Troubleshooting and Management; Network Administration and Management; Read more..
Network Operations;Event Monitoring and Management;Performance Monitoring and Analysis;Wireless and Mobile Device Support;Voice and Secure Voice Installation, Operations, and Maintenance;Video and Video Teleconferencing nstallation, Operations, and Maintenance;Knowledge Wall and Video Display Integration, Operations, and Maintenance;Communications Security Support;Tactical Satellite Communications Initialization, Operations, and Management. Close.

Task Area 6: Cyber Security and Information Assurance Services

Services include: Policy Development; Security Technical Assessment; Security Architecture Development; Security Engineering; Read more..
Certification and Accreditation; Security Compliance, IA Training Management, Audit, Assessment, and Reporting Services; Computer Network Defense Service Provider (CNDSP) and Inspection Services; Vulnerability Assessment and Management; Metrics Consolidation and Reporting (to include the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requirements); Computer Network Defense (CND) Operations, Monitoring, and Analysis; Cyber security and IT Systems and Tools Administration and Maintenance; Incident Response, Tracking, and Resolution; Cross-Domain Solutions Support; Inter-Agency Coordination; and PKI Procedures and Guidance. Close.

Task Area 7: Other Special Services

Services include: Outside technical support services; Call out/per call support services; Surge support services; Deployment support services.